Who we are

Performance Strength & Conditioning was started in 2010 with the belief that health and fitness coaching should be available and accessible to everyone. Anyone can claim to be a trainer. Anyone can go to a gym and hire someone to walk them around machines, hand them weights and have a casual conversation. We think you deserve better.

We think you deserve to have a professional who has invested their time, money, experience and sweat in their profession. We believe that your coach should not only talk to you about your goals, but should model and lead you towards achieving your goals. Sound outrageous? Perhaps, but our expectations of our clients and ourselves are higher than the industry standard.

At Performance Strength & Conditioning, we are a results–driven business. Our success is directly related to your success. We have found that happy clients are our best marketing, best advertising, and best way for our philosophy to grow. When you ask our clients why they train with us, the reasons vary, the goals vary, the stages of success vary, but the one constant across all clients is our uncompromised commitment to their health and well–being. This commitment creates trust and a very real sense of caring and family.

Brandon Henry – Owner/Coach

With a background in powerlifting and soccer, Brandon brings a unique perspective to fitness. Taking the interplay of strength with conditioning, Brandon creates unique training programs for each individual person and their sport/health/fitness goals in mind. Makes sense right? The goals of a woman trying to run her first 10k differ from a 55 year–old man trying to lose 30 pounds and stay off diabetes medicine.

Brandon's education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology gives him a solid foundation in nutrition and the effect food, stress and sleep have on our bodies. Fusing science with a common sense approach to exercise yields extraordinary results. Curious? Skeptical? Tired of the status quo? Brandon will help you step beyond what you thought possible.

B.A. Biochemistry and Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder
Optimum Performance Training CCP – Level 1
  Exercise Physiology: Assessment
  Exercise Physiology: Program Design
  Business Systems
  Certified Personal Trainer
  Performance Enhancement Specialist
  Level 1
  Olympic Weightlifting
Movement and Mobility Course with Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT
TRX Suspension Trainer Course
Paleolithic Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Robb Wolf